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NDE Information Consultants is owned and operated by Roderic K. Stanley, Ph.D, I.Eng in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Stanley and his associates have been advising metallurgical and NDE inspection companies since 1980, based upon their knowledge of NDE in magnetic, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic NDE inspection techniques for oilfield and other tubulars. Dr. Stanley has particular expertise in failure analyses in oilfield tubulars and performs expert witness services in tubular inspection.

Dr. Stanley is recognized as an international expert in tubular inspection. He chairs the API Resource Group on Coiled Tubing and is involved with API 5C7 (Coiled Tubing Operations in Oil and Gas Well Services), API 5LCP (Specification for Coiled Line Pipe), API 5UE (Shear Wave Inspection). He is presently working on the drafts of API 5ST (Specification for Coiled Tubing) and API 5C8 (Care, Maintenance and Inspection of Coiled Tubing).

Dr. Stanley is associated with itRobotics, International Oilfield Services, Scan Systems, and Tubecare International.

NDE Information Consultants offers a wide range of consulting services and products, including the NDT Consultants Magnetic Flux Strip. Please contact us for details.

NDE Information Consultants

last updated November 23, 2006